Tours General Terms & Conditions

The booking’s validations and the use of all services that are provided on this site means the complete and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions that are included in this document.


The price of services offered by solebike is those which appears on the site on the date of the booking. The prices are in euros and include taxes. Solebike reserves the right to change prices without previous notice.

Tour Admission
1. Client should deliver his Voucher either on a Readable File at his smartphone or on a Printed copy.
2. The data that are recorded by solebike at its computer systems, constitutes the proof of all transactions between solebike and the Client, unless the parties can proof to the contrary.

Tour Guide
The tour leader will repeat you the safety regulations you have read here, give you the safety equipment and explain how the electric bicycle functions before the tour starts. The tour leader will decide the pace of the tour, the breaks and the whole route of the tour, all of which will be adapted to the capabilities of the participants. The tour leader reserves the right to cancel or terminate the tour or to change the route if he considers it necessary in the interest and safety of the participants.

1. The Client agrees to use the electric bicycle in a safe and careful manner.
2. The Client certifies to be capable of using an electric bicycle and to be physically fit enough to do so and declares that he/she is in good health.
3. The Client may not leave the group unless he/she has the permission by the tour Guide.
4. The Client is responsible for his behaviour on public roads and off them. Solebike will not be held responsible for accidents caused by the Client or a third party during the tour.
5. The Client is responsible for the electric bicycle and all the accessories provided to him.
6. Client agrees to arrive 10 min earlier that the departure time of the tour

Changes To Services
Solebike reserves the right to make any modification or improvement which are necessary or useful to its services.


Cancellation by the Client
1. If the Client wants to cancel the booking he must inform solebike earlier than 48 hours before the start of the reserved service, by email to the address: for English language  and for French language
2. All cancellations done in less than 48 hours before the day and the hour of a reserved service will not be accepted by solebike and will not be reimbursed.
3. There will be no reimbursement or compensation for partial or total abandonment of a service or non-show by the Client.

Cancelation by solebike
1. Solebike reserves the right to effectuate or to cancel the reserved service, if it deems it to be in the interest and safety of the participants.
2. If solebike cancels a service the total amount paid by the Client will be reimbursed. In the event that a service is cancelled after having started, solebike will reimburse either the part or the total of the amount paid for the service.
3. Reimbursement of the Client will be made within 30 days or within a reasonable period of time of the cancelation by bank transfer according to the booking prices and in euros.


Tour Operation
1. Solebike provides a well-functioning electric bicycle which receives regular maintenance and which complies with the current safety regulations.
2. At the beginning of the guided tour, the guide will explain the safety regulations and Client declares, he abides by them.
3. The Client alone is in charge of the electric bicycle he is using and he is solely responsible for any injury he may inflict on a third person or another participant during the tour. the Client undertakes the hole responsibility of paying any fines or charges relatively by his actions/behaviours during the tour.
4. Solebike can not be held responsible for any damages or injuries incurred by the Client during the visit.
5. Solebike is not at fault, if a Client has not a third-party insurance.
6. Client agrees to sign the Liability Waiver Form provided by solebike before the departure of the tour.

The parents or the legal guardians of a minor participating in the tour are held full responsible for all injury caused by the latter during the tour. All minors are obliged to wear helmet during the tour.


All data collected from the Client is processed only in order to create an account and to make the bookings (this includes the Client access and contributions to different pages on the site).

Solebike has employed all mechanisms to ensure the confidentiality and security of the information entered on the site according the law and the bank regulations and conditions.

Authorisation To Publish Photographs
1. The Client knows and agrees that the photographs, taken by solebike during the tour can be published by solebike on its website and on other social networks sites such as Facebook, pinterest, twitter, Instagram etc. for promotional purposes.
2. A Client who wishes not to appear to the photographs published by solebike on the website must inform solebike before the tour by checking the assigned square at the Waiver Form.


1. All of the above Terms and Conditions are interpreted and applied by Greek law.
2. The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions in the case of a contestation of the meaning of any of the above will be in Greece. The Greek text prevails over all other translations in the case of any legal action.
3. For any litigation relating to the present terms and conditions the applicable law is the Greek law and the courts of Athens are competent.
4. Waiver by either party or any breach of any Term or Condition in this document shall not be considered to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other term or condition.

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Managing Director: Costas Giannopoulos

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