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Through this application, users can go on a unique tour designed for bike riders and those who love Athens. They can uncover fascinating stories about well-known Athenian landmarks such as the Parthenon and the Temple of Hephaestus as well as lesser-known spots in the National Garden and the Psyrri district.

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The Application will be your personal guide to assist you discover the city by bike or on foot, for unlimited time!

Sample Stories of Tour Attractions

The Remains of a Philosophical School

On Dionysiou Areopagitou, the remains of a large house may be found, known as the house of Proclus, a philosophical school of the fifth century AD. It was constructed between the end of the fourth and beginning of the fifth centuries AD, and operated continuously until the sixth century. The building belonged to the family of Plutarch and was a school of Neoplatonic Philosophy, under the instruction of Syrianus and Proclus.

Chryselephantine Statue of Athena

A sculpture by Pheidias made of gold and ivory, it stood in the Parthenon’s inner sanctum. Athena was upright, wearing a long, floor-length chiton. On her head, she wore a helmet decorated with a sphinx and two griffins. One hand held a winged Nike and the other rested on her shield, holding a dragon-decorated spear. The statue consisted of gold parts weighing exactly 1.114 kilos. By current prices, it could be said that the cost of purchasing the necessary unrefined gold would exceed 41,000,000 euro.

The Caryatids

The Caryatids are columns shaped into female figures, whose heads support the temple’s roof. Referred to as Korai in ancient time, the name Caryatids was assigned at a much later date after the young women of Karyes in Lakonia, who danced in honor of the goddess Artemis. They were sculpted by Alkamenes or Kallimachos. At present, five Caryatids are housed in the Acropolis Museum and one in the British Museum. They constituted the visible portion of the tomb of Kekrops, paying tribute to their glorious dead.

City Attractions Included In This Tour

  • Acropolis Museum
  •  Proclu’s House
  •  Acropolis Rock
  •  Tower of the Winds
  •  Kerameikos Site
  •  Caryatids House
  •  Psyrri Area
  • Stoa Poecile
  •  Thission Area
  •  Tzistarakis Mosque
  •  Varvakios Market
  •  Archaeological Museum
  •  Ernst Ziller’s Home
  •  Iliou Melathron
  • Neoclassical Trilogy
  •  Athens City Museum
  • Aghios Eleftherios
  •  Greek Parliament
  •  Kolonaki Area
  •  National Garden
  •  Panathenaic Stadium

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This tour is the result of our collaboration with Clio Muse

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