Athens tours on eBike

Classical Athens on eBike

An off-traffic tour at city’s world heritage antiquities.   Read more…

3.5 hours
44 per person

Athens’ great sights on eBike

A cycling journey among city’s sights of all time.   Read more…

4 hours
48 per person


Athens’ condensed sightseeing on eBike at noon.

A midday adventure among city’s remarkable sights.   Read more…

2.5 hours
36 per person


From Acropolis to Athens’ Riviera on eBike

A tour at the Riviera with sandy beach and marinas.   Read more…

4.5 hours
52 per person


Cycling on eBike at Athens’ sunset 

An evening trip into colors and flavors of the city.   Read more…

3 hours
40 per person


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