Athens Electric Bike Tours


Athens is an eternal city with fascinating history – and the best way to discover it is on an electric bike. Our electric bike tours take you where the bus tours can’t go and you’ll see more with less effort than with a walking tour. Whether traveling with family or friends, our Athens City Electric Bike Tour is the best way to explore Athens.

Our tours offer you the company of a knowledgeable and entertaining guide, a comfortable and easy to use electric bike, useful tips and advice about what to do, see and taste and overall, the best memory of your trip to Athens.


The Electric Bike

Internet speeds to 4G
TV screens advance to 4K

E-bikes run to 40km/h

We use electric bikes because we like to go easy and have fun, ride up and down the hilly Athens.

The Audio Headset

Either reading from a book or discuss with an older person,
a good story we always cherish.
We share them with
the best system available
on a bike tour,
our audio headset.

Details That Matter

Dalai Lama once said "at the end, it is the little things that make us happy".
Besides the famous monuments, it is the little moments we share,
the less known facts we say, that you'll appreciate most.





You enjoy narration without interruptions. Special one ear piece to be in contact with surroundings.


You enjoy getting tips and info without noise and interruptions. You do not miss a word.


You listen the tour leader instructions on and off traffic. Appropriate for use in cycling.


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